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I passed!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the recommended study materials and flexibility on packaging. With 4 kids and 3 jobs have multiple study options is helpful! Also, I only had about 40 hours to study so having on point presentations was great. Would have ...
Elizabeth M., LMFT
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One and Two Day Workshop - Massachusetts
Selected Date: Friday, October 9, 2020 - Saturday, October 10, 2020

Virtual eStudy Workshop Series
Accessed via Stream Video
From any Internet-based computer
Day One (9AM - 4PM) - Utilizing historic, geographic, philosophical and ideological frameworks, a review of the major schools of Marriage and Family Therapy is provided as well as discussion of the similarities and differences between the major concepts across models. The following models are addressed: Bowenian, Contextual, Object Relations, Milan Systemic, Solution-Focused, Structural, MRI, Haley Strategic, Experiential, Network, Behavioral and Cognitive-Behavioral, Narrative, Collaborative Language, Psychoeducational and Emotionally-Focused, among others.

Day Two (8AM - 3PM) - This session begins with a 100-question, 2 hour exam simulation experience. Utilizing this100-question exam as a tool, we will again review the major MFT schools of thought.  We will focus on many of the special issues and clinical applications of related to the field of MFT which you are most likely to be tested with the AMFTRB National Exam as we review the exam. Participant will develop a profile of their strengths and weaknesses based on their test results. Specific test taking strategies are developed for all participants. Over the course of the workshop, suggestions are made to familiarize you to the actual format of the exam as well as to aid anxiety management— maximizing the examinee's strengths. If you are taking the exam shortly after the workshop, it is essential that you attend (having already studied extensively) prepared to sit for the actual exam. Some candidates come to the workshop more than once: first to orient themselves to the process, and a second time — closer to the exam — for fine tuning. Feel free to attend an unlimited amount of times for an additional registration fee of $100 each time.
The Intensive Track
The Intensive Track bundles attendance at this workshop and Home Study core materials: Study Guide, Interactive Preparation Software, Audio Review and Models Pack.