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Just a quick note to thank you for the help I received from the LMFT National exam study guide. In brief, I am psychoanalytically trained, haven't been in school since 1988. Never took any courses in MFT. I studied about 300 hours and more than succe...
Dr. Robert C. A., LMFT
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Family Solutions has been helping thousands of MFT's become LMFT's since 1992, the year of the AMFTRB licensing exams' inception. Family Solutions offers real support designed to augment your previous training into a personalized approach to pass the exam. We work with you, tailoring our resources and support to what you actually need to pass the exam. Here is a small sampling of the ongoing feedback we receive on a regular basis.

Vanessa V., LMFT, Puerto Rico 08/10/2017

I received my results today. I passed. Hallelujah!

Vanessa V., LMFT

Margarete J., LMFT, Ontario 08/10/2017

Just got my results today. I passed with a score of 175. YAY.. I am so glad that is over!!

In retrospect, the best thing the Family Solutions' materials offers is a thorough overview of the material. I found the actual exam was more focused on practical applications which would include research and DSM type questions. I came out of the exam having no idea how well I did, so I was very pleased when I got my score. I really took my time answering the questions. I also practiced with the 100 item tests (at least 5 times) and the 200 item test (5 times). I felt taking the 200 item test helped me get used to the endurance aspect of the actual exam, though the actual exam took nearly the 4 hours allotted.

Margarete J., LMFT

Mailen P., LMFT, New Jersey 08/10/2017

Just took the exam on July 15th 2017 and I passed after studying weekends for two months. I used the study guide book provided here and the 100 and 200 question practice exam until I was getting 90's and up. With that being said, make sure you can read a case and immediately know what exact diagnoses to provide ( don't think that's depression, but know what type, etc.) the actual exam had a lot of those questions. I'm very excited I couldn't have done it without the help from here. :)

Mailen P., LMFT

Nancy P., MA, LMFT, Connecticut 08/07/2017

Hi Rob,

I just wanted to thank you again for extending my test banks, I got notice over the weekend that I Passed! Your system was very helpful.

Best Regards,

Nancy P., MA, LMFT

Kenyatta P., LMFT, Texas 08/03/2017

This post has been well overdue, as I needed a month to recoup...Lol. Any who, I took the MFT exam on June 24, 2017. I received my test results in mail on July 13, 2017. I PASSED!!!!!!!! Thanks :-)

Kenyatta P., LMFT

Christine L., LMFT, Arizona 06/24/2017

I passsed the exam on 4/21/17.
Thank you.

Christine L., LMFT

Virginia C., LMFT, Colorado 06/17/2017

I passed!!!

Thanks, Rob

Virginia C., LMFT

Vicky W., LMFT , Hawaii 06/11/2017

Hi Rob,

Thank you for your guidance, and answering my multiple questions from Hawaii. I'm happy to say I passed the national MFT exam on my first attempt! Your resources and guidance were extremely helpful (DVD, CD's, green book. practice exams) in trying to find my way through the exhaustive amount of information to retain. I also enjoyed the mini courses in Crisis Management, HIPAA, and Outcome Research.

When I steered off course and started using a California based national website that caused me to spiral downward due to repetitive failed practice exams, your advice in focusing back on Family Solutions' materials, the major theories, DSM-5, ethics, statistics, and HIPAA proved invaluable. And then I went back to FSI's practice exams, and got my confidence back by scoring in the high 90's, which eventually lead to a passing MFT exam grade.

Vicky W., LMFT

Stephanie B., LMFT, Texas 05/24/2017

Hi All,

I wasn't sure immediately how to leave feedback but wanted to thank you all for the program you've put together. I passed my exam on the first attempt with a 176, passing starting at 144. The study guide, practice tests and other resources in the eStudy program were the perfect choice for me and the 90 days I had to study. I'm waiting on the Texas Board to get back in touch with me, but it's all smooth sailing from here thanks to your program!

Thank you,
Stephanie B., LMFT

Mary B., LMFT, Nevada 04/03/2017

I passed the test the first time around - yay! I am now licensed in California (30 years +) and now in Nevada!

Thanks for all the great testing material. I have recommended your company to others.


Mary B., LMFT

Gissele A., LMFT, Connecticut 04/02/2017

Hi Rob. Happy to share that I passed the exam! Thank you for the material and support.

Gisselle A., LMFT

Louisa P. and Kermit C., LMFTs, New Mexico 04/01/2017

Dear Rob,
Guess what??
I passed and Kermit did too.!
Thank you for your help in that coming to pass.
We are enormously relieved.
respectfully and with deep gratitude
Louisa P. and Kermit C., LMFTs

Brana R., LMFT, New York 03/29/2017

Hello Rob!!! Congratulations!!! I passed my MFT exam!!!! Thanks for all your help!!!

All the best,
Brana R., LMFT

Jamie H., LMFT, Indiana 02/16/2017

Hi Rob & FSI staff!

Guess what?! I passed my exam! I scored 165 and passing was 141. I have been out of school for over 10 years and I was nervous to sit for the exam. I found your website and was really impressed and ended up buying the Intensive Track that came with the green book, dvd workshop, audio cds, online practice exams, plus more! I took the pre-test and scored 48%. I couldn't believe how much I didn't know after being in the field for a decade. I loved having all of the resources because when I couldn't focus on the book, I'd switch to the cds, dvds, or review terms in the glossary that came with the package. About 3 months before the exam I started taking the online practice exams. I tried to take one each weekend and I saw my scores keep going up and up until I was steadily over 80%. After taking the exam I think the most valuable part of studying for me was the practice exams. When I sat for the exam it felt to me like I was just taking another practice exam because I was so used to the format. For anyone who doesn't know where to start with passing this exam I HIGHLY recommend buying this program and putting in the effort. It will pay off! Thank you SO MUCH!! I'm very appreciative of your materials and all you do for the MFT community.

Jamie H., LMFT

Abigail F., LMFT, North Carolina 01/17/2017

Hi Rob,

I passed and I am so so so thankful for this preparation program and community! I graduated 4 years ago and in those 4 years have lived in 3 different states, unfortunately putting the exam off. I finally took the exam this past December and received my results in exactly 4 weeks. I was scheduled to take the exam in September but did not feel prepared so I paid to reschedule it, and am so glad that I did.

I understand that each exam has the potential to be different but one area I felt underprepared for was Diagnosis.

I am a very slow test taker and actually ran the clock down to 2 minutes with 10ish questions unanswered. When I realized this I went ahead and selected answers very quickly for each remaining one. I definitely wouldn't recommend loosing track of time though, as it increased my post-test anxiety.


Reading through the entire Study Guide, underlining key concepts and taking notes.
Listening to the audio CDs continually and even reciting back some of the concepts.
Going through the DVDs one time thoroughly, while taking notes and then a second time while overlooking notes.
Going through the MFT online workbook and visiting all the additional links provided.
Taking these quizzes and practice exams twice to get in the test mode.
Reading through the discussion forums.
Identifying when I am at my best cognitively and scheduling the exam for that time of day (early morning for me).
Not being afraid to reschedule the exam when I realized I wasn't ready in September.
Every test center may be different but we weren't able to take food or water in with us so I would prepare to eat healthy and start hydrating two days early so that you are at your best the day of the exam.
THANK YOU ROB, FSI Team, and all who shared personal preparation tips!!

Abigail F., LMFT