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I passed the test (using only the eStudy Program)! thanks, Melissa O., Washington
Melissa O., LMFT
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The exam is difficult and changes somewhat each time it is offered. Read our testimonials and discussion forum threads for more details. Generally, many people say the exam was harder than they expected, while some do say it was easier. Almost everyone says it is more a test of academic knowledge in the MFT field, rather than being a good measure of clinical skills.

If you subscribe to Family Solutions' eStudy Program, a user forum is available to those preparing for the exam and those that have just taken the exam. While the forum does not allow specific questions to be posted due to AMFTRB's copyright claims, general feedback found on the forum can be quite helpful as you prepare for the exam.

As the exam questions are kept confidential by AMFTRB it is impossible to tell exactly what questions will be on your exam. Certain patterns exist which is how we at FSI can help you prepare for this exam. The exam questions are multiple choice in format, with many clinical vignettes that you need to understand. Most candidates use the full 4 hours allotted for the exam.