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Good Evening Mr. Guise: I just wanted to thank you for all that you do in helping people prepare for the Marriage and Family Therapy licensing exam. I purchased several of your programs materials, including the dvd's, cd's, model worksheets, and...
Aron L., LMFT
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State Licensing boards and aamft divisions
First of all, get in touch with FSI. We may be able to help you figure out why you failed. If you are a previous FSI Workshop participant, call your FSI faculty member and discuss the situation. If not, you may want to consider registering for an FSI Workshop.We will help find your weak areas of preparation and help you strengthen them.

Also, if you have already taken an FSI workshop you are automatically eligible to re-take the Workshop one more time for a nominal materials charge, which is usually about $100.00.

Second, you should plan to take the exam again. Get in touch with your state regulatory agency and register to take it as soon as possible, taking into consideration the additional preparation you will need to do. Most states allow you to retake the exam 2-3 times. It will cost you to take the exam again, but your career and confidence in yourself are worth it.