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Thank you Rob Guise, I was successful on the first try. Helen S., LMFT
Helen S., LMFT
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Picture your task as having 4 steps : Needs assessment, Planning, Collecting and organizing materials, and
Studying or practicing. In addition, passing the exam requires 2 basic skill areas: Content of the MFT field and Standardized test-taking strategies.

The first 3 preparation steps (assessment, planning and organizing) you will need for both skill sets. In place of studying, which applies to content areas, test-taking strategies can be developed by taking practice exams. No one should take the MFT license exam without having taken at least 2 carefully designed practice tests which correctly simulate the actual exam.

FSI recommends that you begin studying anywhere from 4 months to a full year prior to sitting for the exam, depending on how long you've been out of school and your general knowledge of the current models of MFT. You should organize your preparation and budget your time to be consistent. As you get closer to the exam, you should allocate approximately 3-4 hours/week. Aim for somewhere in the vicinity of 75-150 hours of total study time.

Detailed preparation strategies are discussed at the FSI Workshops, are explained in the FSI Study Guide and are available from FSI faculty directly. FSI's Intensive Track preparation package includes consultation with senior FSI faculty.