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Hi, Rob, I am sure you don't remember me, but I am from Swanzey, NH and took the prep course in April 2004 in Connecticut. I took my MFT exam on May 27th in New Hampshire. I found out yesterday that I passed! Thank you for all your help. Y...
Jean B., LMFT
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State Licensing boards and aamft divisions
Licensure requirements are set by each state in the U.S. individually. All states with the exception of California use the AMFTRB exam and the material provided by Family Solutions can also be very helpful in your preparation even for the California exam.

Check your own state's licensing regulations. In general, qualifications mirror requirements for Clinical Membership at AAMFT. If you meet the educational requirements for Clinical Membership you should qualify. The number of approved supervision hours, the standards for approved supervision and direct contact hours can vary from state to state. Some states will permit you to sit for the exam after completing your educational requirements, even though you have not yet met all of your clinical and/or supervision requirements. FSI strongly recommends you take this option if it is available to you. It works best for most people, to take the exam as close to their educational training as possible.