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Hello Rob, Having just taken and passed the MFT Licensing Exam on December 18th, I am extraordinarily grateful to Family Solutions for their excellent study materials, structured and insightful guidance, and excellent attention to the individual s...
Dr. Miranda S. H., LMFT
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State Licensing boards and aamft divisions
The AMFTRB exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions, with 4 answers to choose from. You have 4 hours to complete the exam which is administered under strictly controlled conditions. Many questions are based upon clinical vignettes. Occasionally multiple questions draw from the same vignettes and answers may be interwoven across questions.

FSI has developed a wide variety of resources that mirror the AMFTRB conditions and our eStudy Program affords you the opportunity to take unlimited practice exams with detailed reporting of strengths and weaknesses across all of the 74 Knowledge Domains 6 Practice Domains, MFT Models and types of questions.