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CONGRATS TO ALL THAT PASSED!!!! I PASSED TOO!!! 156! Thank you for saying your results arrived, I wouldve never checked the mail on a Sunday! So relieved :) A big THANK YOU to FSO! Marielisa S., LMFT
Marielisa S., LMFT
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The exam does seem to be hardest for those out of school the longest. Nevertheless, try to not to panic! Get organized instead.

While there is an enormous amount of material that you are responsible for showing competence in, this test is passable. It does, however, require structure and diligence on your part and the development of a study plan. You could look over the AMFTRB Knowledge and Practice Domains and try to assemble all your old notebooks and texts and put together what materials you have and a list of those additional ones you believe you need to get, or, you can let us help you. We have a specific study plan included in our Study Guide, as well as many other materials - essentially everything you will need.

Call us and let us help you get started.