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Hello Rob, You may remember me as the frantic girl who had 4 weeks to prepare for the exam. Long story as to why that happened but I wouldn't recommend the "cram method" as I nearly drove myself and everyone else crazy. However, because of the mater...
Robin M., LMFT
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State Licensing boards and aamft divisions
Registration for the AMFTRB National licensing exam is managed by each state's regulatory agency. Check the AMFTRB's web site at: www.amftrb.org. You can also call your state's agency that regulates MFT's. This is usually something like a "Division of Professional Regulation" of the Secretary of State's office, although some times it is put in a Department of Public Health. If you can't find the agency, check one of the above web sites and/or call the information line for your state government. It's often the same agency that regulates Psychologists and Social Workers. You can also check with the officers of your state's Division of the AAMFT. Visit aamft.org and/or call the AAMFT 202-452-0109 in Washington, DC.