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I just got my letter yesterday. I passed with an 81 which I am totally happy with. If it wasn't for the practice tests and material from FSI I don't know that I would have passed. I left the exam without really any confidence that I had passed. I...
Grace M., LMFT
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We offer Two-Day Intensive Workshops in many U.S. locations. These workshops are specifically designed to help you develop necessary shifts in thinking to put you in the best possible position to pass the AMFTRB national exam.

Our workshops specifically emphasize the 16 primary MFT models found examination. Though you are being tested on your ability to think systemically, we've found it necessary to help exam candidates shift to a more linear framework to pass. Our workshops are specifically designed with this in mind. FSI's Intensive 2-day workshop includes:

  - AAMFT Approved Supervisors and Senior MFT Program Directors and Trainers as instructors.
  - Individualized attention to your particular learning style and needs.
  - Review of the 16 primary MFT models represented on the exam.
  - Development of various ideological, philosophic, and geographic frameworks to help you understand the relationships between the models.
  - Vignettes that help you make sense of each of the models
  - Frameworks that accentuate your ability to quickly deconstruct a MFT model to core concepts or elements
  - Techniques to compare and contrast models
  - Clarification of key MFT concepts
  - 100-question practice exam
  - Specific study and test taking strategies personalized to your style of learning
  - Personal profile of your strengths and weaknesses
  - Clarification of key MFT concepts further study plan tailored to your specific needs and learning style
The Two Day Intensive Workshop
Utilizing historic, geographic, philosophical and ideological frameworks, a review of the major schools of Marriage and Family Therapy is provided as well as discussion of the similarities and differences between the major concepts across models.
The Intensive Track
The Intensive Track follows the Study Guide outline, and includes: Two-Day Workshop; The Study Guide; Interactive Preparation Software, or printed version of the Simulated Exams; the Audio Review; Comprehensive MFT Model Worksheets; MFT Glossary and the Model Comparison Chart.

The bundled price is a significant savings over purchasing each item separately.