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I graduated with a masters in school counseling in 1997 and a Masters in Family Therapy in 2001. I had been a school counselor and never took the licensing exam. After 12 years,of being a school counselor I was reasigned back into the classroom as ...
Wendy M., LMFT
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Family Solutions' Intensive eStudy Track now offers you the best of internet-based studying all from the comfort of any internet based computer or PDA.  Subscribe to this program for a full 90 days of unlimited access from your first access to the eStudy Program, and then login to Family Solutions' Intensive eStudy Program and take a seat at our nationally acclaimed workshop series that streams video into your computer, iPhone or iPad.  The workshop series offers over 10 hours with FSI Founder, Rob Guise as he covers both the scope of the AMFTRB exam and 18 models of Marriage and Family Therapy in great detail.  Then add to this a digital copy of the latest edition of the Study Guide in PDF, the new eStudy Workbook, full access to over 550 practice questions in both 100 question and 200 question format  that randomly constructs a different exam for you each time you retake the test.  After completely a practice exam, a profile is presented to you that shows you which AMFTRB Knowledge Domains you are having difficulty with as well as which MFT Models and types of questions in order to plan your next course of study. 
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