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I purchased various online and hard copy materials to study for the exam. These materials were by far the most helpful for me. Having the tangible reading and concept guides helped prep my brain well for the exam. I passed my first attempt. I read th...
Robert S R., LMFT
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Many AAMFT accredited programs have begun to integrate the Family Solution Study Guide as a primary text in their foundation classes as it offers an extremely comprehensive overview of the MFT field while at the same time providing students with the means after graduating, to prepare accurately for their upcoming MFT licensing exam.

FSI's educational materials were developed carefully over a period of 16 years by closely following the evolution in the MFT License exam. This is an ongoing process resulting in new exams and continuously revised study materials. To be sure our information is as current and accurate as possible, we draw upon published reports of the AMFTRB, conversations with AMFTRB board members, AMFTRB public meetings, conversations with test item contributors, review of our exams and other materials by test item contributors, and 18 years of on-going research with clinicians who have taken the exam.

For example, FSI compares published reports of Knowledge Domain weightings with actual weightings reported by examinees, during each exam cycle. FSI also surveys examinees' preparation strategies and compares these with pass rates, including the pass rates generated by those using FSI's own Workshops and materials.

1. FSI has done the research, and will continue to. We can provide you with well focused exams and study materials for your students, and we can keep you informed about exam changes so you will always be giving your students the most current and accurate information.
2. FSI exams and study materials were all created by senior MFT instructors and Approved Supervisors and Accredited Program Directors of AAMFT. Many years of teaching and training experience have gone in to the design of these materials. In addition, all study materials, including the exams have been used for a number of years in FSI's own exam preparation Workshops, so they have been exposed to considerable use by numerous instructors, and have been revised and improved by feedback from thousands of clinician-Workshop participants.
3. Readiness Profile and exam scoring. When you purchase FSI exams, our eStudy site scores and provides a Personalized Readiness Profile for each student. FSI enters students' exam answers into our profiling software. Each answer is scored in four ways: 1). Right or wrong, 2). Knowledge Domain tested, 3). Practice Domain tested, and 4). Type of question tested.

Distant Learning possibilities exist with Family Solutions' eStudy Program. Our online materials can be made available to your students as they prepare for the upcoming licensing examination or even your program's comprehensive examination. FSI's eStudy Program has integrated the key components of our study materials into a user friendly, media-rich environment that offers extensive feedback for students while utilizing a multi-media approach to learning.

For more information, contact
Rob Guise at (888)583-3388.