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Hey Rob and Michael, I wanted to send you both a quick email to thank you for all of your help and encouragement over the past two years with taking the licensing exam... I received notice just this week that I finally passed that challengin...
Ryan J., LMFT
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4500 - Intensive Track for MCFT 591 Professional Issues

This bundle of study materials is available for MCFT 591 Professional Issues in Marriage and Family Therapy and is exclusively for students in the Lewis and Clark College Marriage and Family Therapy Program at a savings of $50. 


This intensive study package provides you with the Study Guide, Virtual Workshop DVDs, MFT Audio Review in CD, 90 Day eStudy subscription to a 100 question practice exam, MFT Model Worksheets, MFT Models Comparison Chart and MFT Concept Glossary.  We recommend you order these materials 2-3 months prior to your testing date. The Audio Review CDs are great for studying while driving and the Comparison Chart helps you sort out the differences between the primary 18 models of MFT.

To begin, start with the Virtual Workshop (DVDs or Streaming Video via the eStudy Program), watching the full 11 hours of didactic teaching with embedded PowerPoint and then begin reading the Study Guide. The Virtual workshop and develops various ideologic, philosphical and historical frameworks enabling you to hold the full MFT field in your head and helping you to further develop your capacity to quickly deconstruct a model to its core concepts.  A skill necessary to successfully pass this exam. 

Bouncing back and forth between the Study Guide, the Virtual Workshop will get you through the 1st 3rd of the Study Guide (which you actually do need to read to pass this exam!)  Then begin working with our practice exams which will give you a sense of your strengths and weaknesses and what you need to do to better prepare for the actual test.

You can also upgrade to the full eStudy Program at any time and receive a 50% discount which gives you access to the an additional 200 question exam format, practice questions in a learning mode giving immediate feedback, Virtual Workshop PowerPoint and much more.


Put in Bookbag $450.00