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I graduated with a masters in school counseling in 1997 and a Masters in Family Therapy in 2001. I had been a school counselor and never took the licensing exam. After 12 years,of being a school counselor I was reasigned back into the classroom as ...
Wendy M., LMFT
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3150 - Capella University Bundle for Alumnae and current
This discounted bundled package is available to Capella University learners and alumnae within 2 years of graduation (Capella status will be verified!)   The Capella Bundle is designed to bring current Capella Learners and alumnae up to the full array of AMFTRB Study Materials.  The Bundle includes a copy of the current 600 page Study Guide, MFT Model Worksheets, MFT Comparison Chart, MFT Glossary and MFT Audio Review CDs.
Put in Bookbag $200.00