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Hi Rob, A fun piece of news: I not only passed the MFT exam, but received the highest score in North Carolina. I'd be happy to provide a reference or testament for FSI in any way that you might find useful. Your materials were extremely effective ...
David Von K.,LMFT
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2750 - MFT Outcome Research Course & 25 questions (90 Da
Recent trends in MFT trainings and conferences point to a rapid growth of interest in outcome research and its application in clinical practice. There is good reason to expect that basic skills in reading and interpreting research, plus an overview knowledge of the current evidence for the effectiveness of MFT, will become increasingly important on your exam. This course provides you with a summary of the current state of knowledge in MFT outcome research together with a refresher on the basic skills in reading and evaluating research. The course also provides 25 exam-style questions on this topic. All questions include in-depth discussion of why one answer is considered correct, and the others incorrect. Take the quiz as many times as you like over 90 days. Make sure you understand the reasoning behind every question.