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I like to sincerely thank Rob Guise for all the support in my journey. I had to take the test more than once, with that said, Rob encourage me to hang-in and focus on what I did not do well. This gave me confidence because I was devastated with the p...
Jose L., LMFT
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2200 - New!!! Virtual Workshop DVD

The Virtual Workshop DVD offers you a seat in Family Solutions' nationally recognized workshops.  The DVD is comprised of an actual  Family Solutions workshop taught by FSI founder, Rob Guise, an AAMFT Approved Supervisor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

This Virtual Workshop Series can be purchased in its entirety roughly 10 + hours of teaching (which is strongly suggested) and takes a traditional FSI workshop and adds another full day of teaching so that the Virtual Workshop DVD can go into much higher levels of explanation of the field of Marriage and Family Therapy. The Virtual Workshop is a non-returnable item. Filled with detailed examples of MFT concepts, the DVD is comprised of 10 Learning Modules:

  • Module 1:    Introduction to the Virtual Workshop Series and the AMFTRB Exam
  • Module 2:    From MFT Origins to OrganizedStudy Frameworks
  • Module 3:    Mapping Our Schools of Thought
  • Module 4:    The Transgenerational Models
  • Module 5:    Strategic Models ( Parts 1: MRI and Haley Strategic)
  • Module 6:    Strategic Models ( Parts 2:Milan Systemic)
  •  Module 7: Structural, and the Generic Model of MFT
  • Module 8:    Experiential Models
  • Module 9:    Constructivist Models
  • Module 10:  Other Models of Marriage and Family Therapy.
  • What do I do Next?

Note:  Virtual Workshop eStudy Program access and DVDs are non-returnable items.

Put in Bookbag $300.00