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Rob, I passed! Thank you and your team for the extremely helpful materials. When I started I had a difficult time even wrapping my mind around what to consider first! Your materials narrowed down my notes and made me focus on the essential informati...
Marta Q., LMFT
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1800 - Models Worksheets
These Comprehensive Model Worksheets outline each of the MFT theories likely to be tested on the AMFTRB National Exam. The Worksheets review each of 18 major MFT theories ( most likely to appear on the exam) in outline form. For each theory the worksheets list Major theorists; Primary concepts; Theory of dysfunction; Theory of change; Stages of therapy; Stance of the therapist; Methods and techniques; and Diagnosis & assessment. The models included are: Bowenian, Contextual, Object Relations, MRI, Strategic - Haley, Milan Systemic, Structural, Experiential, Emotionally Focused, Behavioral & Cognitive Behavioral, Narrative, Solution-Focused, Collaborative Language, Feminist, Psychoeducational, Internal Family Systems, Network therapy and a Generic Model of Family Therapy. All concepts listed in the Model Worksheets are also discussed in the MFT Model Audio Review CDs, the Model Comparison Chart, defined in the MFT Glossary and explained in greater detail in The Study Guide and Virtual Workshop DVDs.