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Hello Rob, Having just taken and passed the MFT Licensing Exam on December 18th, I am extraordinarily grateful to Family Solutions for their excellent study materials, structured and insightful guidance, and excellent attention to the individual s...
Dr. Miranda S. H., LMFT
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1700 - FSI Study Guide
The just released 6th Editon of Family Solutions' MFT Study Guide was updated specifically to cover this current version of the AMFTRB licensing exam being administered in 2015. This new 6th Edition contains the information you need to know about each of the Knowledge Domains that may appear on the exam. The addition of the DSM-V as well as a new chapter on Crisis Management have been added to address the additional Knowledge Domains added for 2015 and beyond.  FSI's "Knowledge Domain-to-Chapter Map" shows you where in the Study Guide you will find information about each domain. The Study Guide is a 600+ page, hardbound book which concisely organizes all the information most likely to be tested by the National Marriage & Family Therapy Licensing Exam across each of the 74 practice and learning domains. The Study Guide succinctly presents this large body of knowledge, emphasizing the most important concepts needed for the passing the exam, in a very "user friendly" format. It is designed with both recent graduates and experienced clinicians in mind. See expanded section...
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