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Hi Rob, Do you remember teaching in Austin, TX around the 20th of May to a mother of 4 boys who brought her entire family (crazy woman what was she thinking?) and got a low score on the practice test....... Well the good news is I passed the exam I ...
Kim H., LMFT
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1600 - Models Pack
The Models Pack bundles the MFT Worksheets, Glossary and Comparison Chart. The MFT Model Pack is intended for knowledgeable exam candidates who need summary information to enhance home study and are already using a variety of other study materials. The pack includes: Model Worksheets; (outlines each of the models with primary concepts and techniques); a Comparison Chart; (displays the major concepts of 16 MFT models side-by-side for making it easier to compare and contrast the MFT Models) and the MFT Glossary, which defines 403 of the most important concepts in the MFT field.