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After two years and three tries, I finally passed with a score of 79.5 (159/200)! The first previous try I missed it by two questions; second time missed by one question. I was beginning to think that at 57 years old, it just was not gonna be possibl...
Joe H., LMFT
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1550 - Interactive 100 Question Practice Exam
The Interactive Preparation Software is a computer-based simulated exam which is constructed and updated using the same guidelines for question construction as the actual exam. Candidates can work in privacy and at their own pace to develop specific test-taking skills. The IPS includes the Self-Scoring Simulated MFT Exam and a linked MFT Glossary. The Glossary works in "lookup" and "flash card" modes. It can be purchased in 100 or 200 question formats. Please note that the software is no longer delivered on a CD, but is now downloaded directly to your computer, dispite the picture of a CD above.