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Yes. I'm in Seattle, Wa. Just now checked the computer and I PASSED!! I had no idea, it could have gone either way. I was told 6-8 weeks so I thought I would have to wait at least another 2 weeks. Good wishes and luck to you all still waiting. Thank ...
Liz L., LMFT
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1300 - Concept Glossary
The Glossary defines 404 MFT concepts most likely to be tested on the exam. FSI's Glossary of MFT Concepts is the most complete version available to date. It includes over 404 concepts and definitions from the full range of MFT Models covering historic to contemporary thought.  Glossary concepts are further discussed in the Audio Review, appear in the context of the theory from which they originated in the Comprehensive Model Worksheets, the Comparison Chart, and explained in greater detail in The Study Guide.  FSI's Glossary Concepts can also be accessed when you purchase a subscription to the eStudy Progam where Glossary Concepts are hypertexed.