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Hi Rob, I just want to let you know that I passed my exam today! Thank you so much for all your advice. I am a visual learner so the workshop video was an amazing resource. I have also found the slides from the video to be incredibly helpful. Th...
Peggy W., LMFT
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1150 - Models Comparison Chart
A two-sheet 17" X 21" black & white chart which shows the theories of MFT and their most important concepts. The Comparison Chart organizes a large body of information in easy- to- read format. The Chart's format takes each element of theory- such as Theory of Change- and displays the appropriate concepts for each model. This highly visual approach makes comparisons by concept easy to understand and remember. Chart includes Major theorists; Primary concepts; Theory of dysfunction; Theory of change; Stages of therapy; Stance of the therapist; Methods and techniques; and Diagnosis & assessment. Models included: Bowen Theory, Contextual, Object Relations, MRI, Strategic - Haley, Milan Systemic, Structural, Experiential, Behavioral & Cognitive Behavioral, Constructivist, Solution-Focused and Psychoeducational. All concepts appearing on the Chart are also discussed in the Audio Tapes and contained in the Model Worksheets, defined in the MFT Glossary and explained in greater detail in The Study Guide.