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Greetings! Received my results letter today from Arizona and luckily it started out with Congratulations! Didn't expect results this quick but its a great start to the summer! This was my first attempt (I'm licensed in CA) and used only FSO, took...
Cindy W., LMFT
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1050 - Audio Review - CD
Discussion of MFT models with key concepts, comparisons and easy techniques for remembering what you need to know.

This Audio Review contains approximately 2 1/2 hours of discussion, clarifying each of the models of MFT, while contrasting the models and applying each to clinical situations. These tapes are ideal for reviewing Study Guide and Workshop material. Discussants are the Founding Partners of FSI:  Rob Guise, Michael Vickers and Jackie Gagliardi.  The MFT Audio Review CD is a non-returnable item.