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Aloha Rob, Hope all is well with you. I just wanted to share with you that I got a mail today and I PASSED!!! I am very excited about this news ; ) Since I didn't know if I was able to take the test or not till the end of December I was shooti...
Arika M.
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The following is a small sampling of comments FSI received from recent workshop participants about their experience taking the exam. Please keep in mind that the exam is changed each cycle and that your particular experience may be different from what is reported here. Also keep in mind that the following reports are based on various individual's memory and therefore are subjective and imperfect.

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Pam B., LMFT, Texas 03/26/2014

I took the test 5 times. I was out of school and not in an internship. The last 3 or 4 times I used the Study Guide, the Virtual Workshop DVD and the MFT Audio Review CD's. I also employed a FSI faculty member as a tutor the last time. I believe the material from FSI was excellent and was a resource for perseverance.
Pam B., LMFT (It's never to late!)

Grecia C., LMFT, Florida 03/10/2014

Hello Mr. Guise,

I wanted to take a moment to extend my thanks for your workshop and all of your assistance and pointers. I took the exam as planned and passed with an 85... I am just thrilled that I will not need to repeat the experience... you were definitely correct there... It's not something you don't want to pass the first time around. Thanks again and I'll be sure to put the word out about your workshop and materials if I can... Have a great week ahead!

Best Regards,

Grecia C., LMFT

Andi S., LMFT, Utah 03/06/2014

I passed my exam!!!! It was not my first time but this last time I used everything I could: friends, estudy program, big green FSI study guide, DVD's....faith! And I did it....(I think I also used some of Rob's patience) big grin Thank you so much for all your kindness through my fear and nervousness. I am truly grateful! - Andi. S., LMFT

Peggy W., LMFT , New York 03/04/2014

Hi Rob,

I just want to let you know that I passed my exam today! Thank you so much for all your advice. I am a visual learner so the workshop video was an amazing resource. I have also found the slides from the video to be incredibly helpful. That,combined with the eStudy practice exams and the green study guide really helped prepare me. I cannot thank you enough!!!

Thanks again, for making the study process so organized and easy to follow!

Peggy W., LMFT

Hannah K., LMFT, Pennsylvania 03/04/2014

Hi Rob,

I wanted to let you and your team know that I learned today that I passed the MFT exam (30 points above the minimum score needed)!

Thanks for all of your materials and your guidance.

Hannah K., LMFT

JoAnn U., LMFT, 03/04/2014


I PASSED!! Couldn't have done it without FSI.
Thanks so much for all the instruction.

JoAnn U., LMFT

Meredith N. LMFT Candidate, CT 02/02/2014

Hi Rob!
I have been watching your video and I really want to thank you! It has been really helpful to put things in order for me and gives me a better snapshot of everything. Lots of information and it can be completely overwhelming but the video has helped! Adding your comments and how it applies to your therapy has been helpful as well.
Taking the exam next week and hoping to have better luck this time around!
Thanks again!
Take care!
Meredith N. LMFT Candidate

Ken B., LMFT, Oklahoma 01/15/2014

Hi Rob. I took the workshop in Austin. I was the old bald guy with a white beard (Presbyterian minister) who graduated so long ago that much of the test seemed foreign. You asked us to let you know how we did. I got a call from the Oklahoma office yesterday telling me I passed. They said a 134 was required to pass and I got a 163. Not bad to have a 29 point cushion. I really believe that your workshop made the difference. You were able to offer strategies that worked, and you were able to scare the shit out of me and get my attention enough that I put in the hours of study. I am now licensed in two states, which seems redundant, but that's how the system works.
Thanks for your help. I'm a convert to your system and your approach. And thanks for telling me about the little music venue Whip In there in Austin.
Here's to a productive 2014
Ken B., LMFT

Daniel E., LMFT, Oklahoma 12/30/2013

I found out today that I passed!!! Thank you FSO!!!

Daniel E., LMFT

Athena M., LMFT, Utah 12/29/2013

Hi Rob, just wanted to let you know that I passed! Hope your holidays are fantastic!
Thank you,

Athena M., LMFT

Shiri H., LMFT, Florida 12/28/2013

Hi Rob,
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful course I took with you back in October. I just received the results from the exam I took on Nov. 2nd and I PASSED!!!! After being away from grad school for more than 10 years I was skeptical about my abilities to do well but it was your comprehensive review that made it possible.

Thank you again,
Shiri H., LMFT

Zettie P., LMFT, California 12/26/2013

Rob, Happy Holidays.... I received notice I passed! 3 times was a charm, OK listening to you over and over helped. Thank you for walking with me during this stretch of the journey.

Zettie P., LMFT

Deborah K., LMFT, California 12/25/2013

Rob, I still am of the mind that the exam was ridiculous. It was not what I would consider a difficult test. A difficult test uses the material you expect to be on it, but may present it in a way you didn't imagine. Yet, you know there's a sound connection with what was on the test and what you were assigned to study. Note that there were only 3 - 4 compare and contrast questions on my test. That in itself was a shocker. What was even more shocking then that was how no effort was put into discovering what the test taker actually knew. All of the focus was on how they could trick you into choosing the wrong question.
All that being said, I'm incredibly thankful that I passed and am grateful to you for teaching me whatever it took for me to pass the darn thing. I honestly am not exactly sure what that was, but it obviously worked. I did pass.
Yet, I am disappointed and a bit resentful about the extent to which the test is a joke Taking that test was a horrible experience and I'm so incredibly glad it's over. Studying for the test, on the other hand, was a great experience. I learned a lot and remain grateful for your study material and guidance along the way. I'll be a better clinician, as a result. I truly do not think there's a program out there that's better then yours as far as organization and presentation. However, I am perplexed as to how a program could really prepare someone for the way the examiners attempt to trick you. As I told you, I've never felt so defeated after taking a test when I began by walking into the testing room feeling confident, prepared and with no doubt that I would pass. Again, so so glad I passed. I just feel for the people who studied hard and failed an unfair, absurdly stupid test.
Tell us how you really feel, Deb... ha! Ok.. I needed that rant! Wishing you a great holiday, Rob. You're a fabulous teacher and an inspiration to me in many ways. Thanks for your patience and willingness to help whenever I got stuck and I did often! Take good care, Deborah K., LMFT

JoAnn B. LMFT, Nevada 12/24/2013

With a little help from Rob Guise I did it with this now-73-year-old brain. I scored 76.5% Hurray Family Solutions!!!!! Thank you for great test prep materials and experiences.


Sylvia W., M.A. , LMFT, Texas 12/23/2013

Dear Rob and Faculty:

I just wanted to take a moment to share with you the good news that I just learned that I passed the MFT Licensing exam!

I didn't really start using the book until a week or so before I took the exam, but, fyi, the information in it was what I saw a lot of on the exam, esp. concerning the latest research material. I'll keep the book as I begin my internship to refer to often, I'm sure.

Have a Merry Christmas!
Sylvia W., M.A. , LMFT

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