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Hi Rob, I wanted you to know that I took my exam in NY on February 8th and received the final results this Friday, March 8th. I PASSED!!!!!! I wanted to thank you so much for all of your help along the way. The materials were so easy to use a...
Normajean C.
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Family Solutions has been helping thousands of MFT's become LMFT's since 1992, the year of the AMFTRB licensing exams' inception. Family Solutions offers real support designed to augment your previous training into a personalized approach to pass the exam. We work with you, tailoring our resources and support to what you actually need to pass the exam. Here is a small sampling of the ongoing feedback we receive on a regular basis.

Nevolia O., LMFT, New Jersey 10/19/2016

Hi Rob,
I hope that you are doing well. You and I had a couple of helpful phone conversations earlier before I took the exam. I appreciate your patience, attention and encouragement. Please feel free to post my comments below on the blog. I no longer have access to my login and password. You will notice that I shared my emotional and psychological approach to preparing for and taking the exam in addition to my study strategies. I hope others will find it helpful.

I passed!!! Please note that I am 70 years old, have a bit of ADHD and I passed the MFT exam with a great score on my first try. Here's how I did it:

1. Being aware of my learning style, I hired a tutor. As an extrovert, TALKING is essential to insure retention. My tutor, Selma, also passed the Exam on her first try. She was a great MOTIVATOR and very KNOWLEDGEABLE.

2. After reading each chapter in the FSI Study Guide, I reviewed what I learned with my husband daily (and with any one else who was interested and willing to listen.)

3. I also drew lots and lots of pictures on LARGE newsprint post-it notes, which I plastered all around the house, giving me multiple opportunities to visualize and review. Using Case Conceptualization in Family Therapy by Michael D. Reiter, I read about the Mosley family from the perspective of each of the theoretical approaches and drew representative pictures and diagrams on newsprint post-its for each theory.

4. I LOVED the FSI flash cards, which I found very motivating as I was reminded of what I DID KNOW so that I could focus on the more illusive concepts. Both the 100 and 200 question FSI practice exams as well as the Ethics and HIPAA practice exams served a similar purpose; they helped me to delineate material that I knew well from that which I needed to give more attention. Consequently I was able to apportion my study time more strategically. Of course the FSI Study Guide, DVD's and CD's were my constant companions.

5. As a Buddhist, I used chanting to ward off feelings of doubt and anxiety and the occasional comments from friends about how one's ability to learn diminishes with age (Ba humbug!). I continually envisioned my self passing the exam and jumping for joy. Finally, Amy Cuddy's Ted Talk on body language encouraged me to use the "victory pose" for additional energy and confidence when I took the exam.

Warm regards,
Nevolia O., LMFT

Taryn P., LMFT, Tennessee 10/08/2016

I just want to say a quick thank you! I received my letter today, and I passed the exam by a wide margin! Aside from the practice tests, the Virtual Workshop was particularly helpful to me. Thanks again for the work you do!

Taryn P., LMFT

Zach P., LMFT, California 10/08/2016

HI Rob,
I am happy to report that I passed the MFT exam with a score of 159! Thank you for creating this study guide, it was truly a huge help and really expanded my knowledge of the MFT field.

Warm regards,

Zach P., LMFT

Helen, B. LMFT, Hawaii 09/20/2016

Hi Rob,
I took exam recently (first time) and passed. My license came in yesterday.
The exam seemed to be weighted toward domestic violence.

Thanks again for your patience and perseverance.

Helen B., LMFT

Melissa C., LMFT, Florida 09/11/2016

Rob and Family Solutions were incredibly helpful! Since my degree is in Mental Health Counseling, I had minimal training on systems theory. However, after several months of studying and diligently moving through the study material I passed with a 166! I know I could not have passed without Rob and FSO's study materials.

Melissa C., LMFT

Marielisa S., LMFT, Florida 09/11/2016

CONGRATS TO ALL THAT PASSED!!!! I PASSED TOO!!! 156! Thank you for saying your results arrived, I wouldve never checked the mail on a Sunday! So relieved :) A big THANK YOU to FSO!

Marielisa S., LMFT

Amanda N., LMFT, Georgia 09/09/2016

Hi Rob,

I am just emailing you to let you know that I passed the exam!! Thank you you so much for working with me and helping me get everything situated with the practice tests and eStudy material. It was all so very helpful, your study guide is God sent. Thank you so so so much for that material, I am forever grateful.

Amanda N., LMFT

Deonca R., LMFT, South Carolina 09/09/2016

I Thank God!!!!! I passed and can't believe it!!!!! I received a 147. Thanks Rob for all your help!!!!

Deonca R., LMFT

Judith L., LMFT, Pennsylvania 09/09/2016

Dear Rob,

I just wanted to let you know that I passed the exam . Thank you for a great program!

Judith L., LMFT

Shraga S., LMFT, Pennsylvania 09/08/2016

I passed. Thank you.
Shraga S., LMFT

Gabriela M., LMFT, Texas 08/27/2016

Thank you so much for providing great information in the study program. Totally worth it. The first time around I failed the exam by one point... you can imagine my frustration. The second time around I decided to buy Rob's program and passed! I took the exam July 23. I did way better the second time around. Thank you so much!
Good luck to those taking it soon!

Gabriela M., LMFT

David N., LMFT, Pennsylvania 08/18/2016

I passed!!!! Thanks so much for all the help and support!!!

David N., LMFT

Lori D. W., MA, MHP, LMFT, Washington 07/15/2016

I am pleased to inform you I have just received notice of passing my LMFT national exam!!!! Thank you for the help; the DVD's and guidance was very helpful! I have just submitted my finaly application and am waiting on my new license :) Every Blessing, Lori D. W., MA, MHP, LMFT

Jamie W., LMFT, Texas 07/12/2016

I graduated this weekend and returned home to find letter waiting...


Thank you Rob!!

Jamie W., LMFT

Deborah M., LMFT, Georgia 07/11/2016

Hey Rob :-). I feel bad for not posting on the site or letting you know that I PASSED first time through thanks to FSI. Woof - that was quite a challenge and I couldn't have done it without FSI.

Deborah M., LMFT